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Welcome to Baby World Language Ltd!


We're happy to see you here. Please come and visit us often to get the latest update.

Baby World Language Ltd. is a Canadian company focused on helping mothers to become their children's first English language teacher. In our website you will find:

  • Information about our program options for pre-kindergarten English language learning
  • An English language placement test to help mothers decide which of our programs is best for them
  • Baby World Language learning program content for mothers to help their children aged 0-3 years to learn English
  • News and articles related to early childhood language development
  • Related advice from early childhood education experts about parenting and tips about how to help your very young child to communicate
  • Frequently asked questions and best practices from our community of parents teaching English to very young children so they can share their concerns and ideas
  • Additional useful resources and links for new parents

So, take a look around and get to know us a little bit. We are like you. We are parents that want the best for our kids. So we will try to be your baby's best chance for a great start in learning the English language in the most scientifically effective and natural way.

When you are ready, click on our FREE ENGLISH TEST link and follow the instructions there to see which of our program options we recommend for you.

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